Samantha Chien is an 11 year old in Mrs. Chung’s 6th grade class. She has a little brother and two wonderful parents. Samantha is an editor for Woodsboro World. She is in charge of the News section. Samantha is bilingual. She can speak English and Mandarin. She loves to sew, and has a sewing machine and embroidery hoops and floss. Right now, she is one of the 6 6th graders on Kraemer's Science Olympiad team with Tejal Patel, Lindsey Nguyen, Veronika Orlovska, Ian Britton, and Alan Luong. Samantha enjoys swimming with her friends. She likes playing her cello in a local Orange County string orchestra, Prelude Chamber Strings. Samantha also enjoys playing beautiful pieces on her violin.

Samantha Chien, News Editor

Apr 20, 2015
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Mar 17, 2015
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Samantha Chien