My name is Josiah Chung, and I am an 11 year old, blessed with a loving family, a roof over my head, and a meal at a table. I have 26 aunts and uncles, including in-laws, and have traveled with a myriad of them around the world, always exploring new heights, and trying new activities. My extended family are generally extraverts, and with a few introverts here and there. My family, consisting of a total of six people, are very…. what’s the word…..? Eccentric. We have a view of the world that most people don’t expect. For example, we love to travel to third world countries that are in need of help. We also love to spread our religion, Christianity, and volunteer at a Christian bible camp, where Dad and Mom fell in love with each other (which is why I and my siblings are named after great people in the bible). My parents are named David Chung, and Tracy Chung, are strong Christians, and dazzling educators.

My siblings are unique in their own way.

My oldest brother is an introvert, and is brilliant in all ways, shape and form. He might be the smartest out of our family, and has a GPA of 4.0 and knows that he wants to be a college professor (just don’t tell him I said that). He placed well arts, and could stand up on a stage and start singing. My youngest brother doesn’t care what people think about him, and is very wild. He loves to run around, and go nuts. I’m consider to be the eavesdropper, the jokester, the lazy one, and the energetic one all at the same time. Hosanna, my sister is very confident, and loves to sing, dance, and perform. My mind tends to be somewhere else at times. I know that I want to move to Canada, the home of the one of America's , and attend UCLA for a doctorates degree. I am very daring, extraverted and know exactly when I love something. I even looked out of the Washington monument to feel the adrenaline rush. Being friendly, I have countless friends to experience life with. I am very proud of my North, and South Korean roots, along with my Chinese roots. I love to swim, and have actually surfed before on my birthday, and was stung by a stingray. I love to write sing make jokes, try to do crazy tricks, and have failed many times, love to cook, and listen to music. I have not ever dared to try to cook any of them. Hopefully before the school year ends, I will have finally created a Milk Tea Boba, a very popular Asian drink that is served in many spots in Westminster, Chinatown, Bolsa, and little Saigon.

My family loves to travel, and that is a fact. This year, my family traveled to the Bahamas, and ventured onto a cruise, which took us to various locations including a private island. Before that we traveled to Universal Studios, and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This was probably a highlight of my summer. Most of my cousins were there, and I visited Harry Potter World, and we purchased a Park Hopper Pass, which took us on the Hogwarts Express which was an amazing experience. We rode various roller coasters that were thrilling, including the Dragon Escape in Harry Potter World. About a month before school starts, my family held a cousin's day in Six Flags, Magic Mountain, and invited all of our cousins, and made shirts from Customink, which showcased all of our families. We had the time of our lives. 

Josiah Chung, 6th Grade, Editor

Josiah Chung, 6th Grade