Josiah is a 5th grade GATE student who attends Woodsboro Elementary School.  His teacher is Mrs. Livergood for all subjects, except math, in which he attends Mrs. Chung’s (who is his mother) 6th grade GATE class . He lives with two loving parents, Dave and Tracy, an older brother, Elijah (7th grade), a younger brother, Nehemiah (kindergarten), a younger sister, Hosanna (3rd grade), and a hamster(1 year old who lives in his mom's 6th grade class). He enjoys traveling with his family. Some memorable countries are China, Canada, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Africa. A couple of favorite adventure overseas were when his family explored Monkey Island in Hainam (China's Hawaii) where monkeys roamed freely as his family feed them and enjoyed coconut juice from fresh coconuts and  bunking in a cabin without adults during a Mediterranean cruise. Some of Josiah’s favorite hobbies include video gaming, cooking, reading, and writing. He has cooked various meals for his family on nights when his mother or father felt tired after a long day of teaching students at school. He was fortunate to attend a cooking class. Inspired, he is now experimenting with making fresh pasta. Josiah strives to not only create articles for his readers to enjoy, yet also he strives to encourage an enthusiastic environment for his writing staff.

Josiah Chung, 5th Grade, Editor-In-Chief

Dec 24, 2014
Math for the Brave! (Story)
Josiah Chung, 5th Grade