Hannah is a twelve year old 6th grader in Mrs. Chung’s class. She is energetic and creative. Hannah is one of the editors for Woodsboro World. Her favorite colors are pink and blue and loves to read and write. She has a brother named Garret. Garret is very enthusiastic and loves to swim. He also is in Mrs. Strohmenger’s class this year. Her mom and dad’s names are Tammy and Doug. Hannah’s mom is a 1st grade teacher. She does a great job teaching the kids even with no air conditioning. Her dad is a wedding videographer. He videos people’s weddings and burns the video on discs for them. He will also provide us with the tools needed to earn the Multimedia badge. Hannah has also been to many places on vacation such as Hawaii. She has gone to Hawaii every year since she was two. Some of the things she did there include swimming with dolphins, seeing many turtles, digging a five foot deep hole until she found a water spring, and going to a myriad of gourmet restaurants. She is very excited to work at Woodsboro World as an editor. Hannah can’t wait to see what Woodsboro World will become or if we earn the Multimedia Badge.

Hannah Reynolds, Editor

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Hannah Reynolds