David Van Dyke, Editor

David Van Dyke is an 11 year old sixth grader and is in Mrs. Chung's class. He like swimming, USC, rollercoasters, playing basketball, video games, traveling, building Legos, and having nerf wars. He swims on the EAST swim team and goes there twice a week. He also play tennis and practice at the YLCC (Yorba Linda Country Club). The instruments he plays are the piano and the saxophone. He has played the piano for about three of four years now and has had three different teachers over those years. Personally he doesn’t love piano, but his mom used to play it when she was his age and now she passed piano playing down his brother and his generation. He has played the saxophone for a year in Beginning Band. He is also very excited to contribute and be an editor for Woodsboro World this year.

            His family is pretty unique. His family consists of four people, David, his brother Brian, his mom, and his dad. His brother is in Mrs. Strohmenger’s class this year and is 10 years old. Even though he is younger than David by twenty something months, he is actually about a quarter or a half inch taller than David. Brian loves to play with his hex bugs (little plastic bugs that vibrate and move around). He has about 20 of them and when his cousins come over, his and his cousins' bugs race and battle. He even does commentary for the races with his microphone. In school his brother likes to write. He even created a family newspaper! David's mom is kind of like him. She is Type A and likes to have everything very, very organized.His mom’s name is Shirley and she went to USC for college. She likes cute puppies, ice cream, looking at his brother's and David's baby pictures and videos, cooking, and organization. She is a loving, awesome mom and fun to hang around.  His dad’s name is Doug and he is a CPA. He is the person David looks up to. He went to college in Michigan and then he went to USC for his masters. David's dad likes, rollercoasters, nerf wars, video games, and sports. He is the type of dad who will almost always want to play a game with you (unless he is tired or on a call for work). 


                                                                                                                                                         Your Friend,

                                                                                                                                                          David Van Dyke



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March 16, 2016
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David Van Dyke