Soccer Together

Evan Rgalabo and Aaron Espinoza, Contributer

Soccer is fun because you get to spend time with your friends and you get to exercise. My friends and I like to play soccer because of these reasons. You play soccer by using your feet and you can play with any other body part, except your hands. When you start playing, you choose what team goes first. The person who goes first gets to do the kick off. To kick, you swing your leg back and kick the ball. There are also tricks in soccer like pretending to kick the ball. Another trick is called a Rainbow where you put the ball in front of you and kick it behind and try to kick it over your head. There are positions like offense, defense, forward, halfback and many more. One rule is that when you start off, you charge the other team. There is another position that is called a header. This is when you score a goal with your head. Soccer has 90 minutes per game.