The War

Samir Tusneem

It was a normal day in the village until I heard loud voice in the distance. I crept over and the voice became louder, louder, louder until it was as loud as a giant’s  footsteps. I held a stick in case something bad happened. It was a heard of goblins, giants, and zombies cackling about their “big plan” I tiptoed a little closer and they were talking about conquering something I never wanted to happen again in years. They wanted to capture the villagers in my home town for slaves which almost happened a few years ago in the summer.

We were doing our normal routine when a cannon  fired in the distance and the explosions came closer and closer the next thing I knew was a herd coming out of the woods and was stealing our riches. Luckily, the warriors managed to capture them and put them into a dungeon that no one would survive in for days. My great grandfather was thrown into the dungeon for arguing with the King, Jack and the Queen, Isabell.

My great grandfather was in the dungeon for a day and a half and we found his skeleton laying there all dusty. We still don’t know what caused it to happen but the guards are still finding clues. Anyways, they were still planning it out, but when I went to warn the guards my foot got stuck in a branch. I tried to squirm out, but a goblin found me and threw me into the dungeon.

It was all dusty and skeleton heads surrounded me when the king and I said “Let me out!” and he just laughed.

The king just left without saying anything. Not only were they strong they were also dumb. They left the key right next to my cell phone. I got a my stick and hooked it on. I escaped and ran for the exit when I escaped the first thing I did was run to the guards they said “they will keep the village on guard until the threat is over”

But guess what! The next morning I heard warriors yelling I peeked through the window. They were here before my parents went missing they had left me armor, and plenty of supplies to keep myself safe. I knew it was time that I went out to fight. I jabbed my sword into the giant and he fell yelling and I luckily destroyed the tank before it got it’s first shot on our village. Five giants charged at me I leaped across the river ran through the woods and tumbled under the giants. They then crashed into their own base and destroyed it. We killed all of the monsters, but the threat wasn’t over

The king giant came in all of the warriors went for his upper body we lost many people but we killed the king. The war was over but there were still more threats to come and a search for my parents.