Flat Nose

Jacob S., Contributer

One day a random person punched me, a guy named Bob. I then had a flat nose. I had an idea that he would go to a wizard to make his nose back to normal. The first thing I would have to do was find a wizard. But there was no wizard in town that he had known, he would have to make a machine to find the wizard. But I had needed to get the machine parts. I had to find it though because I was broke in money. I had thought of a junkyard my friend owns that I might look at for parts. So I used my bike to get there. By then it was night time I had decided to camp there for the night. I woke up to the sound of a bird eating a mouse. Then the junkyard opened its gate and I went in.


I found all the parts I had needed. I had planned to build an infrared sensor (A sensor that will scan heat). I had finally built it in about an hour. I had walked around town using it. I had looked like a weirdo walking around with a flat nose and a weird looking rusted item. After about five minutes or so I saw a wizard hat through a suspicious looking hut. I had opened the door and ended up seeing a wizard looking at me with his wand at my throat. I had started to scream but he had cast some spell on me, I couldn’t talk. I was doomed.

But then he had said,”Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’m here to fix your nose.” So the wizard fixed my nose and everyone was happy!

The End