Chad’s Cabin Skit

Connor Pratt

Chad’s (who is an instructor at outdoor ed) cabin’s skit is about two campers, named Connor and Ian, who are hiking in the woods, looking for a place to set camp and make fire. They find a good place to put up a tent and make a fire. Connor says, “We need firewood to make a fire.” Ian replies with, “Let’s cut down these trees and light them on fire!” They both think it is a good idea and hack at trees with their axes. The trees fall over and Ian pours gasoline on one and lights it on fire. They get hungry resting by the cozy fire and eat food. Ian says,”What are we going to do about all this trash?” Connor replies with,”Let’s just throw our trash all over the place.” They throw their trash all around the area and it attracts animals. One animal, eats the trash and chokes on it. The two campers laugh at the animal and the animal dies.

“I think I hear a noise! It’s coming closer!” exclaims Ian. A helicopter lands and four terminators come out of it. The first terminator exclaims, “Stop terminating this forest!” The second terminator says, “We have come from the year 2021 to stop you  from destroying this forest.” The second terminator states, “If you don’t stop terminating this forest, we will terminate you!” Finally, the last terminator calls out, “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” The terminators go back into the helicopter and leave. Connor says in disbelief, “So some terminator robots came from the future to tell us to stop destroying this forest or else we will get terminated?” Ian replies withs, “Ya, pretty much.” The two campers douse their fire and clean up all their trash and things and leave.