Woodsboro Untold

Adam Garay, Ayden Serrato, Noah Hawkins, and Neema Jafari,

It was an average Monday at school and we were all eating lunch. One kid disappeared from the cafeteria but nobody knew about it.. Then there was a silence and a loud crash. Nobody seemed to think it was important, so everybody kept eating. Adam, Ayden, Noah, Neema, Johnny, and Grant were a bit curious. This seemed a little strange, even for a Monday. They had to know what was going on. They heard the student disappeared from the cafeteria by the janitors office, but when they looked in the office all they saw was some cleaning supplies. No secret door or lever or ANYTHING. It was really weird. The only way they could get see attention was on the Woodsboro World website and post in on the news.

One week later they got some replies on their very important news. All they got were things like, #“Great story!”, or , “What a spine chilling tale!”. Nobody believed them. We didn’t like it at all. It looks like our team had to take matters        into our own hands. When it was finally lunch, we waited outside the cafeteria to see if anyone else would disappear today. Just about after five minutes into lunch

we heard a roar and Noah sucked underground. Quickly, we could we jumped into the same hole to save him.

The whole twisted and turned down the very rigged slope until we hit the ground hard. The smell underground was terrible and the air lungs and eyes. We found some pretty big foot prints and voices down the tunnel. When we reached the end we saw a Giant Mole monster with Noah and another kid held captive. AAHHHHHH!  Then we smelled something horrible. We turned around and saw another monster. But to me it didn’t look like it wanted the students they were chowing down on a giant pile of TATER-TOTS! Luckily we were able to free our friends and leave the moles be. As we tunneled back up to the surface we told the cafeteria lady and told we needed a lot of tator-tots. Once we got the tator-tots we threw them down the hole at the last minute and Woodsboro was undisturbed for a long time.