I zoomed down headfirst with the wind rushing through my hair from a 500 foot zipline. This zipline, The Superman, is located in Cabo. Cabo is a fun place and a major tourist destination. It is situated at the tip of the Baja Peninsula on the west side of Mexico. Our family spent a few days visiting Cabo over Christmas break.
For the first night, we stayed at a hotel called The Bungalows. This hotel was located at the top of a hill near downtown Cabo. Everyone at the hotel was extremely friendly to one another. The rooms had a hammock inside of them as well as a bathroom and bedrooms.
My family and I quickly unpacked and hurried to the marina before sunset. Before entering the marina, we ate at a place called Jo’s Pizza. This restaurant looked lousy but the wood-fired margarita pizza was delicious. Then, we walked to the fabulous marina. The marina had a majestic view overlooking the ocean. Many people that love to be in crowded and chaotic places would like the marina. Many restaurants were like a bar and didn’t serve full dinners. The one restaurant we ate at served us drinks and appetizers while overlooking the sunset over the ocean.
The next day, our family woke up early for whale watching. We booked our adventure
on the ocean through Cabo Adventures. This company did a really great job because we had a great time viewing the whales. We saw humpback whales when they were only about 20 yards away! These whales kept coming up to breathe so we saw their backs constantly. We were so close to the whales that we could see individual barnacles! Dolphins were playing with the whales. The dolphins playfully jumped up beside the boat.
After this exciting activity, we changed to swimming suits and walked to Medano Beach, the only swimmable beach in Cabo. It stretched along the coastline by the east end of Cabo. Both people who like crowded areas and people who like quiet areas would like this beach because it had crowded party areas and peaceful areas. The ocean water was freezing and the current was very powerful. Whenever the water pulled in or the water pulled out, you always went with the current if you staying still. We went to have a lunch in a resort by the coastline. The nice and pleasant restaurant had a fantastic view of the ocean and a friendy staff. The food we ate was scrumptious. The nacho cheese melted in my mouth while the chips crunched inside my mouth.
The next day, we woke up and had breakfast at The Bungalows. For breakfast, we ate a meal that the friendly staff served to our table. The waiters/waitresses had an extremely friendly attitude and served delicious food. The waiter was jolly and hugged everyone when they entered the patio. We were served freshly squeezed watermelon juice. We also were served breakfast of a huge breakfast burrito with a plate of fruit.
After eating this scrumptious breakfast, we left The Bungalows and stayed at a resort called the Playa Grande for 2 nights. This resort had a few hundred people with huge swimming pools and many available activities like putt-putt, swimming, and tennis. First, we decided to do putt-putt. We went outside and played against each other. Our family then decided to stroll along the coastline. While walking along the coast, we saw sea turtles that hatched and start their run to the ocean. Most waves that the sea turtles encountered kept pushing them back, but finally all the sea turtles made it into the ocean. We went swimming in the pool after seeing the sea turtles. The pool water in the resort was extremely warm and was great water to play around in and swim in. For dinner, we ate at a restaurant called Happy Ending. This place had great burritos as well as nachos.
Early the next morning, we were picked up by a bus to do a ziplining tour. This tour went throughout the day. We first drove to base camp in the forest a few hours from the main city of Cabo. We traveled with a few other families on this ziplining tour. At base camp, everyone put on equipment to do the ziplining. We first did a few practice ziplines over the canyon. These ziplines were not as intense as the others but they were still about a hundred feet high. The guides attach you to the rope in a way there was no chance of falling. After the practice ziplines, we walked a tight rope bridge across the canyon while secured to a safety line. We rock climbed on a 30 foot wall right after doing the tight rope walk. After the rock climb, we got to do an upside-down zipline. In this zipline, we did it like a normal zipline except we turned over like we were doing a flip. I stared at the canyon below and I felt really scared. After the upside-down zipline, we cliff-repelled an 100 foot high cliff. We then rock climbed and hiked back up to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill, we faced the ultimate challenge, The Superman. The Superman is a zipline where the rider goes headfirst down a about 400 foot drop from 500 feet up in the air. This zipline is 1.5 kilometers long. The person riding the zipline wears a vest and goggles to protect them from objects flying in their eyes. This zipline was an amazing experience!
We hiked down to base camp and got to ride in a line of ATV’s on a dirt trail. We had to wear a bandanna, goggles, and a helmet to protect ourselves from all of the dust that lay ahead. Sometimes there was so much dust in front of us, we couldn’t see the car in front of us! The clothes we wore got extremely dirty and stained because of the dust that flew inside of the buggy. At the end of our buggy tour, we had quesadillas in a bar which had a view of part of the Superman.
Cabo is such a wonderful place to travel with all of the activities and experiences. It has truly amazing scenery. All in all, Cabo was one of the places I’ve been to.