Fun Computer Science


Josiah Chung, Editor-In-Chief

Coding on, has been a activity that students have worked in December, a way for entertainment, and a way for practice of computer science. Launched in January 2013, is a non-profit organization, with various lessons of computer coding. They had various activities, like coding a flappy bird game, coding Frozen, and coding a variety of different activities.

Coding had many goals that were achieved, for example inspiring children, which inspired ten million children to try, another goal was to create fantastic courses, and they created many teachers to recommend coding courses, and and of course reaching classes, and it reached  90,000,000 classes which brings us to the next point.

Various celebrities have participated, including actress Angela Basset, athletes Warren Sapp , JR Hildebrand, Dwight Howard, president Barack Obama, and a surplus of other luminaries.

Coding came to Woodsboro Elementary School this year, and now in the computer lab we all have our “Hour of Code”. In Mrs. Livergood’s GATE class, if students had free time, they could code.

All of this information and more can be found on, and all of the activities can be found on