The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Movie Review


Arjun Patel, Editor-In-Chief

In the movie, The Battle of Five Armies, five armies battle around the Lonely Mountain for a specific purpose. The Lonely Mountain is a place where the dwarves once owned. The place had a gem called the arkenstone. The arkenstone was extremely special to the dwarves. Also, the mountain had piles of gold in it. However, a dragon named Smaug flew into the mountain and forced the dwarves to flee. Years later, 12 dwarves reclaim the mountain with a brave young hobbit named Bilbo.

Five armies each battle for something different they want. The men in the movie want their share of gold because they lost their supplies. The elves battle for a single necklace their king wants. Dwarf armies defend the lonely mountain. The orc army wants all of the riches in the Lonely Mountain. The eagles come in to help the dwarves.

I think the movie was a sad movie because many of the main characters died. Thorin, who’s greed almost made the dwarves lose the war, is killed by the leader of the orcs. Also, Fili and Kili, two twin brothers, are slain by orcs. Tariel, an elf that is very caring, gets slain by the orcs. Also, I think the movie had excellent scenery. The images looked so realistic.

This movie was excellent and it should be seen by many people.