Arjun’s NFL Power Rankings

Arjuns NFL Power Rankings

Arjun P., Editor-In-Chief

Listed below are the best teams in the NFL.

1. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have a great coach. The quarterback, Tom Brady, and the tight end, Rob Gronkowski are great players that never give up and have lots of skill. Another reason they might win is because their team is well coordinated and always play in postion.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has a great defense, on of the greatest or the greatest in the NFL. The cornerback, Richard Sherman, has nearly the most interceptions in his four year career in the NFL. Their quarterback, Russell Wilson, and their running back, Marshawn Lynch have exceptionally great talent.

3. Denver Broncos

Denver has an extremely great offense, powered by their quarterback, Peyton Manning. Many people agree that he is the best quarterback of all time. Also, their defense is also pretty good. Their team is extremely organized.

4.Green Bay Packers

The Packers have and excellent quarterback and a well organized defense. Aaron Rodgers, their quarterback, is having one of the best seasons ever and is leading the team to success. However, the Packers wide receivers aren’t that good. The team also makes many silly mistakes.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

Even though the Steelers haven’t been in the playoffs since 2011, they might win the division this year. If they win the division, they will get home field advantage. The  Steelers always play  better at home. Also, their running back, Levon Bell, and their wide receiver, Antonio Brown, are among the best in the NFL. Their quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger has won two Super Bowls.