Despicable Me 2 Mock Trial a Huge Success!

Despicable Me 2 Mock Trial a Huge Success!

Arjun P., Editor-In-Chief

On December 12, 2014, Mrs. Livergood’s class performed two mock trials. One of the mock trials was based on the movie Despicable Me 2. Sydney K., Kristen L., Alyssa T., Audrey L., and Celeste E. wrote the Despicable Me 2 mock trial script.

In the movie Despicable Me 2, two characters named Gru and Lucy become members of the Anti-Villian League. A mysterious evil villian goes around and tries to take over the world using a serum called the PX-41. The PX-41 serum could change innocent creatures into ferocious monsters. Traces of the serum were found in the Paradise Mall, so Gru and Lucy investigate all the stores there. One of the restaurants in the Paradise Mall was called Salsa and Salsa. This restaurant was owned by a man named Mr. Perez, and when Gru saw him for the first time, Mr. Perez reminded him of a villian called El Macho. El Macho was the worst of all villians and was thought to be dead by diving into a live volcano with dynamite strapped to his back. However, Gru knew Mr. Perez  was El Macho and thought he was the person who was illegally using the serum. Later that night, Gru and Lucy broke into Mr. Perez’s restaurant. In the restaurant, they damage it by ripping off the tablecloths and shooting Pollito, Mr. Perez’s pet chicken,  with epoxy, which is a dark shell. They also go inside the kitchen, and find a secret vault which they believe has the serum in it. However, it only has Mr. Perez’s secret salsa, which Gru and Lucy start eating with the salsa. While they are eating, Mr. Perez comes to the restaurant and almost busts them. Right before Mr. Perez can get a good look at who is sneaking into his restaurant,  Lucy shoots a black substance into his eyes. While Lucy and Gru are escaping, Dave and Stuart, two of Gru’s minions, run over Mr. Perez. This mock trial is about Mr. Perez suing Gru for breaking in,entering, and vandalizing his restaurant.  On the prosecution’s side, Mr Perez’s attorney is Miss Hattie. Miss Hattie is the director of the orphanage where Gru’s three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes, came from. She hates Gru and even tried to sue him in a previous mock trial for not taking proper care of the three girls.  Miss Hattie is a very self centered person and thinks she is wonderful guardian, while the three girls hate her and know she is is actually a horrible guardian. Miss Hattie’s client is Mr. Eduardo Perez, who is really El Macho in disguise. Mr. Perez is the owner of the restaurant Salsa and Salsa. Another witness testifying for El Macho is Antonio, his son. Antonio has a very strong rivalry against Margo after she froze him and another girl dancing. Pollito, Mr. Perez’s chicken, is also testifying for the prosecution.  On the defense, Mr. Ramsbottom, who is also the leader of the antivillian league, is the attorney for Gru.  Mr. Ramsbottom’s client is Gru, who is a long-nosed man who used to be a villian but now helps work for the greater good. He is married to Lucy, who has a very good sense of humor, and has three adopted daughters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Lucy, who is Gru’s sidekick and wife, is also testifying for the defense. Margo, Edith and Agnes, are also testifying for the defense. Margo is the oldest and most mature of the sisters, and has a huge rivalry against Antonio. Edith is the middle sister and is a bit mischevious. Agnes is the youngest of the sisters and has a HUGE love for unicorns. The final witnesses for the defense were the two minions, Dave and Stuart. These minions were driving the car and ran over the Mr. Perez when trying to escape. This mock trial was hilarious and all the actors did an amazing job in it.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the mock trial! They all did a great job acting and performing, making it a huge success!

Despicable Me 2 cast members:

Bailiff-Natalie S.

Judge-Jack G.

Miss Hattie(Prosecution Attorney)-Alyssa T.

El Macho-David H.

Antonio-Adam G.

Pollito-Arjun P.

Mr. Ramsbottom(Defense Attorney)-Anirudh V.

Gru-Brian B.

Lucy-Audrey L.

Margo-Inso P.

Edith-Fernanda M.

Agnes-Hannah R.

Kevin-Brody K.

Stuart-Josiah C.

Head Juror-Celeste E.