Was Magellan Good or Bad?


To defend, or not to defend? That is the question. Throughout history, several captains have had to be cruel and harsh to be effective. This was the case with the captain many feared, Ferdinand Magellan. He was a famous captain, born in Portugal. He was famous for discovering the Strait of Magellan and attempting to find a route to the Spice Islands. He reached the Phillippine Islands, however, and forced more than 2,200 Islanders to be Catholic. He burned the village down, as they did not want to convert, and protested. This led to a battle in which he was killed. His crew did not come to his rescue, as he may have treated them cruelly. Even though Magellan  treated his crew harshly, he should also be defended for several reasons.

To begin with, Magellan’s only goal was to reach the Spice Islands. This is an example of why Magellan should be defended, as all he wanted to do was accomplish his goal, and since the circumstances were out of his control, the events that occurred on his journey to the Spice Islands were not his fault. He wanted to discover an easier route to get there, as this would help many other sailors reach the Spice Islands, and this could bring more wealth to the Queen. He only reached the Phillippine Islands because the Islands were located in the path he was taking to his destination, and he only tried to convert the people because he wanted to spread the Catholic faith. This shows that Magellan only intended to serve his Queen by helping to expand her empire and securing a route to the Spice Islands, and he only wanted to spread the knowledge about the Catholic religion., where it states that he only stopped in the Phillippine Islands because he decided that God had an additional purpose for him. This shows that Magellan was a highly religious man, just like the people who lived in his time, and he attempted to convert the indigenous people because he believed that God wanted to expand the Catholic religion, and Magellan only wanted to help Him do this.

In addition, Magellan showed mercy to the crew when they decided to mutiny the first time. he cared for the crew, and he understood why they mutinied, so he actually gave the crew a second chance, which was unusual at his time period. Most captains would punish their crew, such as in Charlotte Doyle, when Captain Jaggery whipped a black man and shot a sailor for a mutiny, but Magellan decided to not punish his crew when they mutinied the first time. This shows that Magellan was probably kind hearted, as at that time, Portugal and Spain were rivals, and he still forgave his Spanish crew for the mutiny despite the fact that he was Portugese. It is possible that he forgave the crew because he understood that the conditions were terrible, and out of his control, so he understood why the crew would be mad at him. He was kind to them, because he looked from the crew’s perspective, and saw that they were unhappy about the conditions, and he could not blame them. qhen it says that one of the ships in his fleet completed the voyage. This shows that Magellan’s kindness possibly inspired them to finish the voyage to fulfill his goal. He kept them safe and cared for them, so they fulfilled his desire to complete the journey by sailing back to Spain once the trip was completed.

Finally, Magellan kept the crew safe and provided for their needs for about two years. here the voyage was rough and tough, as there was not enough food, and the ship’s conditions were horrible, and many sailors died, but despite these inconvenient conditions, Magellan still kept many sailors alive and healthy by providing for their needs, and as a result, his crew helped him find the Strait of Magellan. This shows that Magellan was a good captain, as on the rough seas, it is hard to keep the crew alive for two years, but even though there were many hard events, Magellan still tried his best to keep them alive and provide for their needs, and  since he brought good fortune for the armada, the crew repaid him by helping him achieve his goal of finding the strait. the armada enjoyed great fortune, so along with providing for their needs and keeping them safe, Magellan probably had excellent navigational skills. This shows that Magellan kept the crew safe because he knew where he was going, and he navigated well, so the journey went mostly smooth.

To conclude, even though Ferdinand Magellan treated his crew raPidly, he should also be defended for several reasons. Not only did Magellan show mercy during a mutiny, he also kept his crew safe and provided for their needs for more than two years. His only goal was to find a strait to get to the Spice Islands. Many people might view Magellan as a negative character and believe that he should not be defended, but there are many reasons that support the idea that Magellan should be defended. Magellan was a great leader with many  talents such as excellent navigational skills.