Myanmar Protests


Lately, there have been protests as well as violence relating to Myanmar’s shift in government. Myanmar (Burma) is a country in southeast Asia that borders China, Thailand, and India. In 1948, it was liberated from British rule and was led by the military from 1962-2011. In 2021, the military is back again after competing against Aung San Suu Kyi for control.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a Burmese politician, author, diplomat, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner. She is also a famous national symbol of peace because she pushed to restore democracy. Following her house arrest from 1989-2010 for taking action and campaigning, she stepped back into the world of politics.

Although Suu Kyi won by a huge number of votes, the military claimed that the entire election was a fraud. The military forcefully seized control on February 1, 2021 and since then she is hiding at an unknown location with her group. Meanwhile, she is charged with possessing illegal communication devices, violating coronavirus instructions, etc. This caused protesting throughout the country. The army commander-in-chief (Min Aung Hlaing) has taken power. The police have been using fatal acts of violence to end the peaceful protesting. If not killed, protestors are detained and taken elsewhere. Over 140 people are reported to be dead.

Adding to the opposition, Burmese citizens are shutting down the economy. About 90% of national government activities have ended. As a result of the economic shutdown, taxes aren’t being collected. The country is currently short on many resources such as gasoline and toothpaste. Long lines are everywhere, whether it be for rice or for A.T.M. withdrawals. To prevent the citizens from communicating, the government shuts off the internet service often. Neighboring countries have been attempting to help end the crisis, but civilians are hoping that the United States and United Nations are going to aid them.