Zack Snyder’s Justice League Takes DC Fans by Storm!



With the new release of Zack Snyder’s exclusive version of Justice League, DC fans are certainly hyped and on the edge of their couch from home! The four-hour movie that is divided into six parts is a remake of the previous Justice League in 2017, which struck the theaters to only come out as a major flop for Warner Bros. Now that the dust has settled, it’s generally agreed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League has emerged victorious in the battle of the Justice Leagues

You may already recognize the plot from the 2017 variant. Superman is unfortunately dead after the events of Batman vs. Superman, while an alien named Steppenwolf seeks the three Mother Boxes. The Amazons, Atlanteans, and mankind each solemnly guard one Mother Box. When all three Mother Boxes combine and form the “Unity,” it possesses the power to devastate Earth. Batman senses the trouble and attempts to form a team with special abilities to hopefully thwart the impending apocalypse. He first makes an alliance with Wonder Woman, who received a sacred warning from her fellow Amazons about the invasion and now wants to cease it. Batman and Wonder Woman then split up to find other recruits, who later are Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Meanwhile, the almighty Steppenwolf and his minions retrieved two of the three Mother Boxes, slaughtering many brave Amazons and Atlanteans who tried to stop him. Cyborg reveals the last Mother Box was in the custody of his father in Star Labs, and Batman forms a plan to resuscitate Superman, a member the team desperately needed, after learning the Mother Box’s abilities. However, the resurrected Superman suffered mental memory loss, and does not recognize his long-lost companions. Cyborg’s defense system senses a threat radiating from Superman and fires a beam towards him. Superman then thinks the group is harmful and takes a fight to them. Having no other option, the team fights back against the mighty superhero but to no avail. Just when Superman was about to hurtle a punch at Batman, Lois Lane, his wife, enters the battleground. Superman notices her, of course, and flys away with her, putting an end to the fierce battle. Concurrently, Steppenwolf breaks into Star Labs and obtains the final Mother Box. Cyborg’s father, however, sacrificed himself to immensely heat the object so that it could be tracked with Batman’s thermal satellites. After locating Steppenwolf’s area, the group clears the path for Cyborg to separate the Mother Boxes, which already started to combine. Superman arrives to successfully defeat the ultimate obstacle, Steppenwolf. Cyborg then enters the formation of the Mother Boxes with his robotic mind and detaches them. As the story halts to an end, the heroes return home with the comfort of knowing that they had successfully stopped the end of Earth.

The movie is highly debatable. Some may say it was too lengthy and could have been shortened to a maximum of two hours, and some may argue the characters’ progression was improved. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is currently streaming on HBO Max, where viewers can safely watch it from the comfort of their home.