Protests Throughout the U.S. to Stop Anti-Asian Violence


In the last year alone, Asian hate crimes have doubled in the U.S., spiking at about 150%. But when six Asian women and two other people were shot and killed in a shooting rampage in Atlanta, Georgia, people finally spoke out against the hate and violence. Asian Americans are often stereotyped as meek and passive, making them targets of violence. There have been many cases of Asian violence in recent months, including an attack in Seattle where a man punched an Asian American woman after shouting, “Asians need to be put in their place.” What is causing this hatred of innocent people? Well, evidence suggests that the past year’s surge in Asian violence was caused by former President Trump referring to COVID-19 as the “China virus,” leading people to associate Asians with the virus. This is not true, but many of President Trump’s followers seem to believe so.

So, now that it is clear about what’s going on, what is being done about it? Well, for one, protests are going on saying how Asians are being treated unfairly, and that the hate and discrimination should be put to an end. An example of this was hundreds gathering on Saturday near the Georgia State Capitol, carrying signs that declared “Stop Asian Hate.” People supported the protest by waving American flags and signs telling others to stop violence towards Asians, with those passing by honking their cars and trucks for encouragement as well. A citizen named Xia Zheng attended this event, concerned about the sudden rise in Asian hate during the past year. “We live here. We pay taxes. We work here. This is our life,” said Mr. Zheng. “This is a country of immigrants, all of the immigrants, so there is nothing we can do better than love each other, than work together.” Another voice was heard when State Representative Bee Nguyen, the first Vietnamese-American to be elected to the Georgia legislature, said that lawmakers must enact changes to ensure that a tragedy like this never happens again.

Now, what can you do to help fight back against this anti-Asian violence? Well, to start off, spread the word that we need to treat everyone equally with the proper respect and appreciation. You can also promote interactions with Asian Americans and others. Interaction between different races of people is likely to reduce prejudice and social tension, sending and spreading a message of equality. Another way to stop the hate is by seeking and promoting counter-stereotypical information. It can help to learn about a culture and understand what life is like for others. It is not right to assume something about a person you don’t know. Instead, we can talk to people and learn how their culture affects their everyday lives. There are so many good ways to stop and prevent further discrimination and violence, and by learning to accept others and treat everyone equally, we can all live in a better world.

Violent acts against Asians are only a small hint about what could be to come. In order to stop violence, prejudice, and hate, we all need to work together as equals to build a better community. It is bound for more hate crimes of different cultures, but by taking the right steps, we can overcome them.