Are Covid-19 Cases Shrinking or Growing?


Covid-19 cases are the things that keep us in quarantine. When they fluctuate, our restrictions change. They go up and go down. When they do go up, our restrictions are tightened, but when our cases go down, the restrictions loosen. 

When the coronavirus was first introduced in March last year, there were few cases,  and there were different numbers of cases, usually around twenty-five thousand cases a day. But they steadily grew when July came – as people traveled, the cases grew. For around a month (in October), there was an increasing steady number of cases, around fifty-thousand cases per week. People did not heed this warning. So when Christmas came, people traveled around the world. The numbers flew into the air, reaching over three-hundred thousand cases in one day. Thankfully, the Covid-19 vaccine was brought out of the shadows. Its effect was seen a couple of weeks later when the Covid-19 cases shrunk down tremendously. Not only was the vaccine introduced, but the holidays were over, so traveling would be rarer. 

In California, cases are the most common. There are over 3 million cases overall. Los Angeles, with 1.2 million cases, is the city with the most cases in California. California Is also the most restricted state since it contains over a tenth of all of the cases. The overall number of deaths due to Covid in California is fifty-thousand. These cases in this state are also going down. 

The least restricted state, Oklahoma, is responsible for less than five hundred thousand cases over the United States. The most cases it has had in one day is eight-thousand. The number of deaths from Covid overall is a slight four-thousand people. Oklahoma also had a similar pattern of cases to California and the United States in general. Luckily, the number of cases in Oklahoma is steadily going down.

In all of America, there are over 300 million people – thirty million of those people have had Covid, and five hundred thousand of those people have died. 

Overall, the coronavirus cases have been fluctuating, but thankfully, they are slowly going down.