How has Coronavirus Affected our World?


Coronavirus has changed human’s lives massively in many ways. With vaccines being produced, developed, and tested, doctors have been learning more about the deadly Covid-19. Social distancing lengths from people have been reduced to a recommended distance of 3 feet, but the further people are from each other, makes each other more safe. Currently the world is slowly becoming safer, covid cases dropping in all states, many more masks being formed a day, but how about the start of the pandemic? What happened and how did this horrible disease begin?

First of all, what happened? This all started December 31st, 2019, when the first case was announced. In Wuhan City, China, there was a report of a new disease – a mysterious, unknown one. Doctors studied and researched the new virus and quickly realized it was a dangerous threat. On March 11 of 2020, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. 2 days later, Trump declared Covid-19 a National Emergency and banned all Non-US Citizens from coming to the US and people couldn’t leave the United States. Many lockdowns were announced and doctors and medics predicted a second wave of Covid. Learning that the virus can spread in a flash, the world was in much trouble. As of May 28, 2020, covid cases surpass 100,000 deaths and struggles to slow this down. Not too long later, on June 10, US Covid cases reached 2 million and kept rising every moment. October 19, global cases topped 40 million. The devastation kept rising and rising, people staying indoors to stay safe. Throughout the time, doctors have been working hard to develop a useful vaccine that can help Covid stop. With the help from doctors and scientists from all over the world, a vaccine has been created and some people are now taking their vaccination. Now that vaccines are being upgraded, the Covid-19 virus will be prevented more and everyone will be allowed to relax and go outside and enjoy life.

In addition, how has the pandemic affected the people? According to the KFF Health Office, more than 1 million people lost their jobs due to this pandemic. This could also cause money shortage and many won’t have enough money to survive. Also according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the younger people are, the more stress they are during these hard times. Children who are 11-14 tend to have the most anxiety or depressive disorder than others. The younger the person is, the more stress they may be feeling. Employment, as said earlier, has dropped massively. Many people either left, or were forced to leave their jobs behind. Some places, such as Japan and France, have not been affected that much because of their population. Since their population is not that big such as the United States, they were less affected in this world wide struggle. Meanwhile the United States has had the most problems in the world. About 5.2% of people in the United States have lost their jobs and became jobless. As though it may not seem like much, it makes a massive dent. Like said with Japan and France, the population affects the result in people losing their jobs. The US, having a large population of about 330 million people unlike Japan with about 126 million people, really makes a difference in the result of this disaster. People, physically but mostly mentally, have struggled during the pandemic but with family, friends, and companions, they were able to push through and stay healthy.

Finally, how is Coronavirus getting better? As long as the process took, doctors have found signs of Covid symptoms and how they can prevent it with just one vaccine. All the testing in the lab, the research from the scientists, the Covid-19 vaccine has been getting better and better. After about 1 year, vaccines have been going out to medics, doctors, and scientists first. Once doctors and scientists are ready to give vaccines to everyone and give them to public hospitals, the world will be like it used to be, a great place to enjoy life and peace.

In conclusion, Covid-19 and the pandemic has caused everyone some troubles and problems, but as time went on, doctors and scientists have developed better vaccines and are still improving until this day. Soon enough, people will be able to regularly travel outside and visit friends and family, go to amusement parks, and much more.