Power Outages & Wind in O.C.


Recently, there have been numerous red flag warnings across Southern California, including Yorba Linda and Anaheim. The wind has also triggered power outages and fires that threatened nearby homes. Back in late October and early November, there were gusty 60 mph winds that started up the dangerous Blue Ridge Fire in Yorba Linda. This fire started off as two separate smaller brush fires that joined together. Many citizens were forced to evacuate, and the power was cut for eleven long hours, but only about ten structures had been damaged. 

In January, there were more dangerous gales, creating a fire in LA County, but not affecting Orange County. The electricity was cut again for four hours to prevent even more fires. Higher wind speeds are expected (up to 80 mph) with rain, creating the second winter storm.

Power outages are especially hard since devices can’t be charged, and there isn’t any light after sunset. With no light, you would have to find flashlights to use, which would be annoying when worrying about what to take when evacuating. A lack of internet service is also difficult because communications cannot come through. For example, if a personal hotspot is needed and the phone is on low battery, then there would be no connection. There is also no television to catch up with the latest updates. If blackouts are possible, charge all devices, have some lights ready, and keep an emergency power block or two. If there are no chargers or power blocks available, use another device, such as a MacBook or iPhone, to charge. Using a USB connector, plug one side into the device that needs to be charged and the other into the device that you’re taking power from. 

If you ever find yourself caught in this situation, remember to stay calm. What matters most is that you stay safe!