Book Exchange


Over the past few weeks, many new events took hold in the Chunglings classroom – some even happened over a week before Christmas Break! Because many libraries are closed, the Chunglings decided to create their own event called the Chungling Book Exchange. Most classmates have written stories and reviews to show off their favorite books of the season, motivating other students to read them and fill their mind with entertaining tales and fascinating stories alike.  

All those who wish to participate will take as many as three books to Norah’s house and fill out a Sticky note or piece of paper with your name, the number of books you brought in, and their titles. Swap your books with other Chunglings’ books until everyone leaves with the same amount of books they originally had. Everyone should leave with new and original books, but no one should leave with a book they brought in. Hopefully, these new books will help inspire others to get into different kinds of genres and book series they wouldn’t have found out otherwise. 

Some might be thinking, I don’t want to trade in my favorite books! However, this is a totally optional event, so you don’t have to switch books with anyone. If you would still like to participate but don’t want to trade in your favored books, you could always just choose another great story that you don’t  mind giving away. The point is that you could trade in a non-favored book that someone else might like and you may also find a book you do like as well.

With luck, the Chunglings will enjoy this great event over the season, and get interested in reading other stories. We look forward to seeing you at the Chungling Book Exchange this holiday season.