The Stylistz Interview


Breaking News! A new fashion group called The Stylistz broke out into the fashion world and everyone is loving it!  Animals all over the school are wearing the newest fashion line of this group. Their newest fashion line, Happy Hatz, has been the talk of the town. So much so that some new and older celebrity figures are being contacted by The Stylistz to advertise the clothing. Today, the top two stars in this school have come to share their thoughts about this new trend and style, Shmitler and Hannibal. 

Jimmy: How are you both?

Shmitler: “We are all right. Tired though…”

Hannibal: “Oh yes yes, we’ve been on tour for a while now, just had a break.”

Jimmy: “Oh, that’s nice, I heard that you two have been sleeping only 3-4 hours a day, so I hope you get some sleep after this interview. But for now, here’s the first question; How have you handled this new trend that has been copied all around the animal kingdom?”

Shmitler: “Well, it’s very interesting indeed. Seeing these new trends going around,  which seems to be everywhere now, are popping up on billboards, magazines, TV, and now newspapers, so we’re just getting along with it.”

Hannibal: “Yes, but it’s nice to have some new celebrity friends, it’s been quite lonely due to the tour…”

Jimmy: “Excellent answers. I’m glad to hear that you might have some company.  Next question. Have you ever wanted to wear their new line Happy Hatz or be sponsored by The Stylists?”

Shmitler: “Hmmmmm, they do look like good headwear for any situation, but I do already have a nice hat, so I probably won’t wear one anytime soon.”

Hannibal: “I probably would like one of those hats, they do look good on the models, I think I like Jorgie’s one; that seems like the best (Sparkly gold one on the giraffe).”

Jimmy: “Indeed. So, here is our last question, would you like to model their next fashion trend, Snazzy Sockz?”

Shmitler: I would like to, but I have so much to do, and so does Hannibal. Just the life of a superstar.

Hannibal: “I totally agree.”

Jimmy: “Thanks for the incredible answers, mates, and thank you so much for coming out here, too. Maybe we’ll see you perform in another movie, and good luck on the rest of your career.”

Shmitler: “Thank you, and the same with you.”

Hannibal: “Definitely, we needed that motivation. Now the next thing to do is to shoot our movie, called ‘Bad Guys In Business’.”  

Jimmy: “Oooohhh, I can’t wait to see that. (coming out in the summer of 2022). *looks at the camera* Annnndddd, that’s it for the interview, next week, we will interview the actual group that made these wonderful collections to see how far they have come, including their manager, Tony Baloney. Up next is the passion project review. I am your host, Jimmy, and this is the Fashion segment for the Chungling News.