Chunglings Library


Do you happen to like books? Well, the Chungling Library’s got your back! Due to the virus, many public libraries have been closed. So, the Chungling Library will be making its grand opening! Although not open just yet, in a few short weeks, the library will be free for public use. The Chunglings have worked very hard to create and develop this masterpiece. So far, the Chunglings have produced two recommendations each and will continue doing so. Nehemiah, the head Chungling Librarian, is presently developing a system for how the library will work and is requesting book donations! There will be a list on a google doc of all the books in the library. A student or person can request one of the books on the list. Then, the requester must find the name of the owner of the book, (which is listed on the google doc.) We will then message them and will leave the book at their doorstep. The requester will then drive to the owner’s home and pick up the book. However, this system would never work without actual books! It would be appreciated if you could even just donate one book! We will be waiting to gather at least ten books before opening! So what are you waiting for? Come on down and head to your local Chungling Library! =D