Reflections: I Matter

Reflections: I Matter

Bullies trampling and pounding me

A worthless fool is all they see.

But you will not see my cry

As the rules of equality shall be defied.

I’ll tell you why:

Because I matter.


I would like for my voice to be heard

I would like for my choices to be conferred

I would like to be seen as an academician

I would like for people to change their biased vision,

Because I matter.


I will still stand tall

Even if it feels like the sky is set to fall

I will have resilience against the face of adversity

For I will not live for eternity

I will embrace the beauty of life

Even through several series of strife

Because I matter.


So, as I lay upon a verdant hill and look up towards the clear blue sky, I wonder:

Do I matter?

And my heart answers:

Of course I matter.