King/Queen of the Day!


Too-too-too-toom! Make way for the novel king and queen! The Chunglings proudly introduce King/Queen of the Day! King/Queen of the Day is a very magical day indeed. On this day, a student is selected from the class and plans out the day any way they’d like! However, Mrs. Chung has to approve of the schedule first.. Of course, there are a few more restrictions, such as the activities being educational, but the king or queen’s reign will bring fun across the classroom! For instance, while Queen Ann was seated on the throne, she had directed the class according to her schedule. She began with jokes. Who doesn’t love them? Some of the jokes mentioned were, “I made a new word! Plagiarism!”, “Why did the student eat his homework? Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!”, and “What do you call a duck that gets all A’s? A wise quacker!” Then, the Chunglings moved on to claymation! In the end, the whole class presented creative pieces of stop motion animation. The reign of Queen Samantha, also widely known as Queen Sam-Bam, has also passed. For her royal day, she scheduled Chungling Genius Fun Hour and cooking. In Chungling Genius Fun Hour, Chunglings are faced with the opportunity to do whatever they want! You can sleep, participate in our illustrious game tournaments, or even indulge yourself into art! After this merry period of enjoyment, Queen Sam-Bam concluded her reign with a cooking session. During this, many made delectable warm cups of hot chocolate, omelets, and even pizza. But Queen Ann and Sam-Bam won’t be the only individuals to rule over the classroom! Don’t you worry, because there will be many more to come!