Christmas Spirit is in the Air!


It’s the holiday season, and Christmas fever is all around the classroom. The week before winter break is upon us, so we ought to make the most of it before it ends! This week has been filled with blankets, food, and hot chocolate.  But everyone knows the best gift is the gift of giving, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than to have a Secret Santa celebration! 

By now, each Chungling should already know the rules. Everyone is to buy a thoughtful gift to hand to the person you were assigned to at a price range of $10-$20. Don’t forget to add your letter along with the present and drop it off this Tuesday! Come back around Wednesday/Thursday to receive your gift along with your Chunglings in the Kitchen Cookbook. Be thankful to the person who bought your gift, and appreciate the thought he or she put into your present. 2021 is only a few days away, with many more things to come.

Happy holidays fellow Chunglings, and here’s to a new year of fun!