Secret Santa


At the end of  last year, in the final days of 2020, all nineteen Chunglings excitedly participated in an enjoyable event, designed and adjusted by both Mrs. Chung and the students. The base concept was that each person would give and be given a gift, with the price ranging from ten to twenty dollars. Everyone started by deciding on a few items that they wished they would receive, or suggest that they ‘surprise’ them, so that their secret santa knew what they should get them. The wish list was only suggestions, which meant that the secret santas didn’t have to give the person what was on their list. The secret santas were chosen by chance in an online draw, only being able to access their own results. It was then expected to buy or order one or more of the gifts that the assigned person wished for. After this, the gifts were sent with a label of who they were for Mrs. Chung so that the presents could be delivered in secret. In addition, Mrs. Chung would leave small gifts outside her house for the students that were successful in ambushing her while she was delivering the gift bags. On the Friday before the start of winter break, everyone got a chance to open their secret santa gifts in class, each person getting to guess who had gifted them their item.