100 Page Novel Takes the Class by Storm!


As the year starts off, the Chunglings have been tasked with an exciting year-round assignment-to partner up with a fellow classmate(s) to write an exciting novel from their genre of choice, with a minimum length of a hundred pages. This is no easy task, coming up with a plot and typing it all out, but the class is always up for a challenge! By now each pair or group has begun the first half of their book (some even more than halfway) and are off to a great start! It’s only a matter of time before they each finish and are able to look back on their work over the next few months.

Let’s take a sneak peek into three of the student’s fantastical novels.

Wallace Johnson’s novel is an epic adventure where three daring kids on vacation discover a time machine inside their own apartment. Out of sheer curiosity, a boy named Benny wanted to check what it was. He and his friends all walked inside and found a set of numbers along with a big red button. They clicked it. They saw the doors slam close and they teleported to this new world with castles and knights. Will they be able to escape this new world? Read the Back in Time (when it comes out).

Sophie Varsanyi’s tale revolves around a conspiracy between the magical beings who live in secret under New York and the shady side of the government of the United States. The story follows the misadventures of a young orphan girl who gets trapped in the midst of it all. Flos liked to think she led a normal, if not very pleasant life at Wilson’s Orphanage, which gets uprooted when the People of Foranis abduct her during her slumber. Between the blunt, pessimistic People who wish to steal her soul, and the plotting doctors and politicians, Flos must choose between obviously evil and politically correct genocide. As her reality starts somersaulting backwards, can Flos Duravita truly escape the nonsense with her sanity intact and forget it all?

Last but not least, Nathan Huynh’s novel is filled with adventure. It takes place during the middle of the Vietnam War, in 1965. From the introduction, Nathan Huynh along with his amazing partner Jayson Tran introduce two viewpoints to the story: an American soldier by the name of Oliver, and a slacking man named Quyen. Each is on different sides of the war. Starting off with Oliver, his story first takes place in his house. With a wife and three kids, Oliver gets a message from the army and sets off for battle. Quyen however, spends his day as per usual until he is drafted into the army by two soldiers, gets trapped in a van, and is transported to a military base. Who will dominate in the end?

That’s only just the tip of the iceberg for the Chunglings. Keep working on your stories everyone, and be on the lookout for more novels coming your way!