Chungling Passion Project

Chunglings Proud to Present Latest Project


Ahh… Passions… The wonderful art of pursuing something you enjoy! Hobbies can keep you occupied for hours at a time. Each passion has a different impact on everyone. We are inviting you to share your interest in the Chungling Passion project. Each participant will create a slideshow showcasing their passion. Include at least 3 photos and write bullet points on what your passion is, when you started to enjoy it, and what you enjoy about it. Here is an example: If you like drawing, you can share some photos of your artwork, explain why you like it, and you can make a short demonstrational video of you creating a drawing (like a timelapse if you want). Each slideshow must be accompanied by a written piece (Mrs. Chung’s rule) except if your passion involves writing because then you can just screen-share your writing piece. You can adjust your presentation based on what you enjoy. Example: John’s passion is dance. He will explain why he loves to dance and he will demonstrate some dance moves and music in a video. But Jane’s passion is traveling, so she can share some tips and tricks about how to travel and can show some photos. She doesn’t necessarily need to make a video. We would love to hear about your passion! This project can help spread your skills among all our classmates and it is a great opportunity to learn something new about each other. You might discover that you have something in common with your classmate(s)! These skills in real life can help you be successful. By sharing your passion with the class, you can develop presentation skills. Because you are speaking on a topic that you enjoy, you can learn to voice your opinion later on in life. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Chungling Passion Project today!