Science Fair Makes a Comeback!

Science Fair Makes a Comeback!

It’s that time of year again…science fair! Everyone gets the idea; create an outstanding experiment using fascinating facts and hard evidence and take a shot at that first place ribbon! Due to covid-19 prohibiting most in-person events/meetups, the 2021 Woodsboro science fair has taken a bit of an abrupt turn. Fortunately, the Chunglings have entered the scene! Using a copy of the 2021 Chunglings Science Fair Slides, we will be able to create a science fair digitally! It won’t be as much of a challenge as putting a board together, so amazing presentations are coming soon.

Even though the science fair is on its way, there may still be some changes to what may occur. For one, Woodsboro has chosen to cancel the science fair due to the confusion of judging, entering, and scheduling the concluding due date. Although this may be quite upsetting, the Chunglings have decided to participate in their very own science fair, having less competition and more learning instead! Let’s dive into some student’s exceptional projects!

Nathan Huynh’s experiment questions the topic of whether plants grow better in natural or artificial light. Growing bean sprouts in and outside, he will record data of each of the plant’s development for about 3 or 4 weeks. He believes that natural light will be better for the plants since it is more intense and has wavelengths that are more easily distributed among plants.

Lucas Watts’s science fair project is about whether or not the type of cup would keep your drink warmer, styrofoam, plastic, glass, or paper. The experiment will be conducted by pouring water of a certain temperature into four cups. After a few minutes, he would check each one with a thermometer and see if one was warmer or colder than another. After doing this three consistent times, Lucas would graph all of the results and compare. He thinks that depending on the cup’s density, the temperature of the water would be different, so the glass cup would keep the drink warmest the longest.

Science fair is on its way, Chunglings, and there is so much to do and discover! Make sure to put some extra work into your projects, and be on the lookout for more science fair presentations heading your way!