The Newest Video Game Consoles Taking the Community by Storm!

The past year of 2020 has been quite rough for most of us, with the virus keeping us inside our houses and not letting us see anyone for a year now. But that does not mean nothing good could happen. In 2019, two new consoles from the hit studios Microsoft and Sony were planned to come out somewhere in 2020. The announcements of both consoles caused quite a bit of hype and excitement in the community, with people wanting to know what the designs were going to be and what exclusives would be on which. Thus, Covid hit and caused dates to be postponed. But, in September of 2020, both companies showed off the new consoles and set a release date for November 12th-19th. Many were excited to get their hands on the next generation of technology, and finally upgrade from the previous consoles. 

On November 10th, both series releases, with games following the release. The hype was overwhelming and when the consoles went in stock, they sold out in mere hours, causing many to flock to eBay to get one. The devices were top of the line, holding up to many problems other developers and companies faced when making their consoles. The games were even better, with many PS5 exclusive games awaited for years such as Demon Souls, a major action and adventure game, Spider-Man Miles Morales, a whole new game based on the world of Spider-Man, and God of War: Ragnarok. But don’t forget about the Xbox Series X, with games such as the new Halo Infinite, Warhammer 40k: Darktide, and the Yakuza Remastered Collection. 

These new consoles have caused serious hype in the gaming community, and surely, they did deliver and follow through – the graphics are spectacular and the games work as intended. Surely, no-one would want to miss out.