Travel Fest


 C h u n g l i n g s      t r a v e l      t h e      w o r l d      o n       s c h o o l       a s s i g n m e n t

Across the world, the Chunglings have been traveling and gathering knowledge from each place they visit. This information, coming from throughout the globe, will, at last, be compiled into one ultimate travel guide. In the travel fest assignment, Chunglings like you scour the internet for data to create a travel guide about their chosen countries. Their travel guide will mention exciting places, like historic landmarks, and enjoyable activities to do specifically to their countries. For instance, Chunglings can write about splendid, ancient monuments, and the intriguing story behind them. Of course, they will be sure to include detailed information on what it feels like to reside in their country as well. One way they can manage this is by researching their country’s cultural practices and holidays and incorporating them into the travel guide. Learning about a country’s detectable cuisine and mouth-watering traditional recipes is sure to be entertaining. Or, Chunglings can look into local legends and myths can provide just as much of a cultural experience. However, they can give even more of an inside view of their country by describing its unique climate along with its community. Who wouldn’t enjoy browsing mesmerizing photographs of a country’s otherworldly nature, distinct wildlife, or unique geography? Another great point the Chunglings could add is something the country is known for, it could be an event or a revolutionary discovery that the country made. Some countries even have tourism slogans, which should be fun to include.

As you can see, the Travel Fest assignment is all about learning about new and exciting places in the comfort of your own home. Of all the assignments the Chunglings have done, this may be the best one yet.