World of Wonders

World of Wonders

Sad, rejected, and alone, I sat down outside as the cold wind stung my cheeks and rain-soaked my coat. I thought, “Why do I matter? It began to darken, and the rain became heavy, accompanied by lightning. I was shivering and thought, “What would a world without me look like?” At times I felt rejected, sad, alone, and questioned what made me so important. After all, I was just one individual in a world consisting of seven billion human beings, and in the entire Milky Way, I was just a minute speck. In the entire universe, I would be the size of an atom!

Every person possessed unique qualities whether in appearance or embedded in their DNA. But what about me? What made me unique? I looked like almost everyone with plain brown eyes and boring black hair, and I had no special traits. I sat down on a freezing cement bench and closed my eyes. “Why was I even created? What role do I play in the world?” I thought, tears spilling down my eyes. My hair was dripping, my clothes were ripped and I was soaked to the bone. I sat there, all alone, wondering what difference it would make if I was absent in the universe.

I stumbled backward and fell off the bench as I watched myself begin to glow, and from my body emerged an identical copy of me, but with changes that contrasted greatly with my current appearance. My copy had a light yellow flowing dress that disappeared with the wind, her brown hair was neatly pulled into a bun with a colorful flower crown circling her head, and she radiated a bright glow. Most of all, she seemed positive! She levitated above me and held my hand. I too began to rise up with her. As we flew up, my surroundings changed from darkness and thunder to a rainbow twinkling marvel of gas and light. I watched as everything turned black and was illuminated by circle lights. In front of me was our Earth, but half of it was illuminated with sparkling lights and jewels and emitted a stunning glow, while the other half was dry, dull, and dark. “This half represents me,” She said, gesturing towards the beautiful half of the earth with pristine sapphire oceans, vivid green foliage, and white, wispy, cotton ball clouds. “This half represents you,” She said, pointing towards the half with brown oceans, grey land, and dried plants.

She grabbed my hand tighter and it began to radiate a light that surrounded me and her, and colorful bubbles shot out of space and circled around us. Each bubble spun around while orbiting us. As I looked, awe-stricken, at the tiny orbs of rainbow light all around me, I noticed that each orb contained movement like a small memory. when each orb circled around my alternate self, they lit up and flashed, but as they circled around me, they faded in color and became black and white. Once again they circled my alternate self, lit up, and circled me, fading. They began to orbit faster and faster until there was a blinding flash and I was back in my own world, or so I thought. Both the girl and I had a transparent sheen like we were ghosts. I saw one of my friends walk by, her black hair with streaks flowing around her black leather jacket, black pants, and spiked collar and boots.

“Hey!” I called out. “Jillian!” I called out.

“It’s no use. She can’t hear you.” The other girl said to me. “In this world, we don’t exist. They can’t hear or see us.” She said.

She brought me to an impressive mansion with exquisite shrubbery and many morning glory vines crawling up the side of the house. Eight magenta cymbidium orchids flourished in the mossy garden bed on each side of the property. A single enormous sakura tree shed pink flowers every few seconds. The zoysia lawn grass was well tended to, even though the whole front yard looked more like an average-sized park than a lawn.

“Shall we go inside?” She asked.

“But where are we?” She was silent as we slid through the walls and entered the enormous house.

“Mom! Mom! Anna! Jane!” I called out to my mom and two sisters.

They were eating creamy white mashed potatoes, chestnut brown gravy, and thin pieces of steak cut ever so neatly. I could sense that they were sad, with a small empty spot where I was supposed to be.

“Mom, I wish I had another younger sister. Someone with a bold style, a kind smile, and brown eyes.” Anna said. A younger boy who looked about five and whom I didn’t recognize burst out, “I want a sister named Lyla who plays with me and helps me with everything!” He squeaked, running around in circles with a toy car. My adopted brother to fill up that void, I supposed.

“I love this mansion, but it feels lonely for just you, me, and Anna! I wish we had another person with whom we could share our life with.

“Hey! That’s me! I’m all of those things!” I burst out.

The other girl shrugged in response and reminded me, “You don’t exist here!”

We went outside and floated across the sunny park where fragrant flowers bloomed, crystal clear water was home to millions of creatures, and the air smelled sweet and pristine without pollution. Everyone seemed so carefree and happy, and I couldn’t handle the emotion building up inside of me.

I let out a loud yell and tears spilled down my face. How could they be so happy when I was so sad? I didn’t even exist here! There were complete families with a mom, a dad, and two perfect kids. I thought about my broken family, with my dad in jail and my mom barely managing to take care of me and my two sisters. And how did I repay her? By storming off and abandoning my only family. And, lo and behold, I was in a world where I didn’t exist!

As if I had summoned it with my negative emotions, a large yellow spaceship covered with flora and fauna zoomed into the park, crashing loudly in the park but not damaging the landscape. The door slid open and two humans wearing stylish yellow and black suits stepped out. At least, I thought they were humans until I saw them up close. One of the aliens had dark purple skin, green eyes, and inky violet dreadlocks styled into a ponytail. The other had very, very light purple skin, red eyes, and her violet hair was waist length. She had a small bun at the back of her head, but the rest of her hair was not tied up.

They both carried some kind of ray in their hands, almost amused at watching the citizens flee. The ray was covered with rainbows and smiley faces and was bright yellow with a single red antenna. The first alien extended a finger to the platform they were standing on and it began to rise up and expand.

The alien with dreadlocks produced a megaphone-like device and yelled so the entire city could hear, “ Listen up! We’re tired of negative emotions! Everyone needs to be positive and happy! You will feel much better!” She rambled on about why everyone should be happy and everyone was hypnotized. She extended the ray and it sent out a sonic blast. Suddenly, everyone was sickeningly sweet, exchanging compliments and smiling. As if on cue, another plane came hurtling towards the park, and out from it emerged two dark blue aliens with an emo style.

The first one spoke, “You need to be sad and depressed. It’s like, cool. No one needs to be happy.” As she spoke, everyone was brainwashed and she too let out a sonic boom from the ray she was holding. Everyone was sad and suddenly depressed. They walked, sulked, and cried. I loved the world this way when they were like me, but to be honest, I missed the happy people.

“Quick! Make me exist here!”

“I’m not supposed to, only in an emergency-”

“THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!” I yelled. Sparkles circled around me and at once I knew that I had been transformed into a person from this world. I sprinted to the yellow spaceship and put on my most depressed look.

Through tears, I said, “Not everyone needs to be happy. Like me. My family was broken, torn apart…Enough! Too much sadness! ”

But apparently, I had induced fear in her, for the citizens were slightly recovering. I figured out that their emotions controlled the people, so If I could modify their emotions, I could save everyone. I walked over to the negative spaceship, and, hard as it was, tried to be happy.

“Hey! Let’s get rid of all the negativity! Positive attitudes help people succeed in life! It may seem like everyone needs to be sad, but that is not true. That is what the world is. Everyone is unique and this balances out the world.”

The aliens considered what I had said, and it looked like the happy and depressed aliens did not get along so they abruptly left. Everyone cheered and honored me, For once, I felt like I really mattered. The other girl snapped her fingers and I disappeared, not existing in this world once again.

Everyone asked, “Where did she go?” and was confused. The girl took me to outer space again and we were staring at the Earth with two contrasting sides.

“Now do you understand why you matter?”

“Yes.” I said, taking a deep breath, for I united the Earth with my positive and negative emotions. If I was only happy or only sad, the Earth would lose harmony and peace. The earth suddenly shone and all the dead plants were revived and the other half was now bright and vivid. I matter because I hold the world together, and so do you.