Game Tournament


Announcement to all gamers! We have countered some fixable problems such as the extensive amount of people in a single group. We will let the competitors determine what game they will compete in. If less than 2 people are playing that game, the challenger may pick another game of their choice. The committee is trying to figure out how to use the large group of people that we have effectively which difficulties includes communication, planning, and the massive amount of people in a single group. There are some pros to a large number of people. We always have fresh ideas and are always in discussion. Don’t want to play any games? Feel free to spectate others and enjoy the gameplay!

Game selections

There are a variety of game choices available! Some of the more popular games in the game tournament are:

Minecraft Java Edition
Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Among Us
Skribbl.ioOther fantastic games will vary throughout the time of the game tournament. Here is how the tournaments will work as examples:

For Minecraft, the possible tournaments for it would be PvP fighting, build battles, parkour challenges, and much more. We would accept any suggestions and possible improvements to the game tournament! We hope to see you at the games!