I Matter


Others will thrust me down,
But they will not see me frown,
Others will fling insults at me,
But tears they will not see,

Monsters here to make me scream,
But they can’t even break my dream,
Gangsters try to kill my soul,
But I won’t even make a fall.

Uselessness, is what they see in me,
But this opinion I do not agree with thee,
You know why?
“Because I matter,” I’ll say in reply.

I know my values and my faults,
But no-fault will ever make me halt.

I am kind and do no harm,
That will keep my face so charm,

Although you can make my eyes water,
I’ll still know my life will matter.

I am here to make a change,
Even if its a little strange,

Sometimes I am down to earth,
Doesn’t mean my life’s no worth.

All I want to say is one thing,
I am one of many precious ones,
I do know that I matter,
And will make your life matter.

Together we can say again,
I matter, you matter, and we all matter.