Boo, The Cutest Dog in the World, Dies a Tragic Death


So you have probably heard of Boo, the cute Pomeranian who became an internet sensation. He had more than 17.5 million likes as of 2016. He also has been holding the title of “World’s cutest dog” for a couple of years. His owner, Irene Ahn, took good care of him, groomed him well. Boo was living like a celebrity. But earlier this year, he left the world. On January 18, Boo died leaving millions of fans worldwide very sad. Boo was only 12, and according to his owners, he died of heart issues. When Boo had gone to sleep the night before, he never woke up in the morning.

Even though nobody is quite sure why he died, they believe he died of a broken heart. His best friend and companion, Buddy, had left him the previous year, which seemingly just broke Boo’s heart. He had shown signs of heart issues and had been down the dumps for his last year. This is very sad, and Boo did not really enjoy most of his last year.

He was just a normal, but really adorable Pomeranian, who was living large. His 12 years of life were celebrated by many fans who adored him. He was even The Cutest Dog in the World, a title given to him by many. Now that he has left the public, many questions have been left unanswered. Did he really die of a broken heart? And which dog will be the next World’s Cutest Dog?