Jump Ropes

I like playing with jump ropes every day on the blacktop at school. I also play with them during the night so much that I do not sleep. When I am with my friend Allison, I play even more jump ropes. My favorite jump ropes are the yellow ones. Once, I even jumped 15 times! I think that I am the only one who plays with jump ropes in my grade. I also have never fallen down before. Therefore, I am probably the best jump-roper in my entire grade at school. In school, I also run with jump ropes. Even though I run, however, I am careful and do not hit people. When I run, I do not play tag. Instead, I play infection. I have taken jump ropes to many places, such as the park. There, I have even more fun. I once at a meal with my jump rope. I like jump ropes because I like hitting people with them and nodding my head at them. However, I mainly like them because unicorns live on them. I hope that more people can play with them in the future!