The Beautiful Unicorn


Once upon a time, there was a magical unicorn. She was a majestic cotton-candy colored blue and pink unicorn. Her lovely gold horn was so pretty, that when she lifted her head and neighed, the whole land would see her shimmering horn. The grassy land seemed to just sparkle with a feeling of magic, with fairies fluttering all around. The enchanting secret garden was perfect for all the magical creatures. The sky had a beautiful rainbow, and everything seemed so perfect on that day long ago.
But then the sky turned very, very dark and gloomy. The fairies cried out in despair, and the unicorn neighed very loudly, as it was very scared of the darkness. Out of the sky, an evil wizard drifted down to the ground. Once he was on the ground, he cackled loudly, then using his wand, he threw a spell at the lovely unicorn. The unicorn ducked, but it got a bit of it’s horn chipped off. That meant that it couldn’t cast spells anymore! All of its magic came from the horn.
The evil man cackled again, and the fairies angrily flittered out of their hiding spot. They flew to the ground and picked up sticks. Using magic from their hands, they made thorns come out of the sticks. All together, they threw all the thorny sticks at the wizard, who started to shout in agony. He fell to the floor, and using their fairy magic, they banished him back to his land!
Once the man was gone, the little pixies flew to the garden floor and made a patch out of the magical leaves of the land. They patched up the unicorn horn and gave her more power than any other unicorn in all of the land had ever had. That unicorn was a very special and magical one and using her now repaired horn, she cleared up the sky. To celebrate the defeat of the horrible wizard, she made some delicious cotton-candy colored desserts for her and the fairies to enjoy. And they lived happily ever after in the magical garden.