The Big Bad Dinosaur

Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur. A Velociraptor named Lulu was planting in her garden. Then, she saw a T-Rex trying to find food; he was hunting another Triceratops. Lulu saw that the T-Rex ate another dinosaur. Lulu says, “You can eat me, Mr. T-Rex!” The T-Rex thought it would be okay to eat Lulu, so he ate her. Lulu was inside the T-Rex’s intestines. She was trying to let her friend out. She was biting the T-Rex’s intestines. She almost failed, but she got her friend out. They were still stuck, because the T-Rex’s mouth was closed. So Lulu and her friend but the T-Rex’ stomach and using her jaws they were free. But because Lulu is a good person, she stitched up his stomach so he could survive. After that, Lulu had fun with her friends, and lived happily ever after.