Boeing vs. Airbus

Boeing was one of the first american plane manufacturing compamys, and was very sucseeful. But then, a new company, with greater abitions was started. From the start Airbus was always beating Airbus. When boeing made the 767, airbus made the a320ceo. When they made the next-gen 747, Airbus beat it with the a380. And now, boeing inveteted the 787. But just recenlty, airbus did it again with the a330neo-800. So, is it time to really look and see which planes are better.

Lets start with more old planes. Now, these planes are a far cry from old, but they are not afvanced. The boeing 767 was a medium to far range plane, and on September 8, 1982, Boeing unvieled it. At it’s time it was state of the art. It was one of the fastest, and longest range plane. But then came airbus. It invented a rival plane, the a320, and that started one the longest “dynasties” of planes. Now, don’t get me wrong, the 767 is nice. But when you look at the A320, it is way better. Now, some simulaters about these planes are when they first arrived, the were both CEO. CEO, stands for Current engine option, and is less effecint. So when Airbus invented the NEO (new engine option), airlines had the option to still buy the A320, but with NEO.

Now lets go onto the presnt. We will compare two very well know planes; The A380(eww) and the 747. Both of these planes were top notch. Note the word were. The 747 is a four engine, one and a half story plane, and can carry 416 passengers, and 8,350 miles. At the time, that was amazing. But, of course, airbus came in and ruined it for boeing. They invented the A380, a modern icon. It can go up to 9436 miles, which is a lot. Plus, it holds 544 passengers. It is two stories, and is huge. Again. When boeing made the 747, it was amazing, but soon to be beat. The 747 went out of service last year, and the A380 only stopped priduction 1 week ago. Now, in my opinion, both of these planes were terrible. A very common myth is that the A380 is one of the best planes. This, my freind is wrong. Very wrong. In fact, when Airbus decided to cancel the A380, the CEO said, “We were probably at least 10 years too late,” talking about the fails of the a380. Airbus got it’s money from other planes, not A380. On the 747 it cut prodicution for the same reason, but this time, Boeing really shot itself in the foot. WHen the Unvieled the 787, people would rather have that because it is cheaper and more effienchine. But in the end, both planes were mainly unsucsellfull.

The Future of air travel is really shaping now. Boeing invented a rival plane to the A380; The B787. This plane is an amazing feat of enginering. This plane can get you anywhere in the world, nonstop, and effiencntly too. The reason 747’s and A380’s were uneffienct was two stories is a lot of weight, which means in needs more engines, which costs mroe money. Then, the weight means in needs to refuel more often. And it needs 2 times more fuel. So now we have a plane that can acctually go farther, and still make a profit. I have acctullau had the honor to fly on one, and it was an enjoyable flight. These beasts are amazing. Recently, a 787 accutllay broke the sound barrier after it got into a fast-moving jet stream. Again, this is a nice plane. But, you gussed it, Airbus has just delived one of the first A330neo-800. This plane, is amazing. With no stops, you could go wherever you would like. Of course, they would not make a new plane without giving it NEO. This plane is vert effenceint, and saves airlibes lots of money. Now, this plane’s interior is something else. It has airbus’s beatufil Airspace design. Airspace is very special because is has ambeint lights, whicdh create diffrent moods during the flight, and are scienticuccly proven to reduce jet lag. This is because the lights can help people sleep, stay relaxed, and have a warm welcome. Also, they have more overhead space. In fact, the bins are designed to hold 66% more bags without taking up other space. This space comes from angled-lav, Airbus’s new restroom design. It has less square footage, but it acctually feels like more space inside. All in all, it’s a really nice and beatiful plane. They have outdone Boeing yet again. Not that suprising.

So in the end, Boeing is trying very hard, but has had no succes in beating Airbus. Airbus just keeps making better planes.