Fluffy: The heartwarming story of how quick thinking and hair dryers saved a cat’s life

Fluffy is a cat from Northern Montana that was found ‘frozen and unresponsive’ buried in the snow near her house on a Thursday. The feline was injured and her body temperature was below 90°F, so low that a thermometer couldn’t pick up a proper reading, the normal temperature for a cat is between 100°-102°F. Fluffy’s owners rushed her to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, it was all hands on deck as soon as Fluffy got back to the treatment room. The staff immediately got to work trying to thaw out the feline. The staff used warm towels to raise the cat’s body temperature and then used hair dryers to further warm and dry Fluffy. Once the cat’s body temperature had risen enough the employees of the clinic then gave her fluids through and IV and let her rest in a heated kennel.

Fluffy stayed at the clinic overnight and the next day she was ready to head back home. The owners of Fluffy weren’t home at the time and so nobody knows how exactly the feline became stuck in the snow. Fluffy was taken in for a checkup on Tuesday and appeared to be completely fine. Fluffy is lucky that she has such great owners and doctors that reacted fast enough to save her.