Are Tech Companies really protecting us??

Please don’t take this article as a type of hate from me towards these companies I am simply trying to get these companies to change what they are doing. It can hurt people in ways they might not expect and if they do they could just not care.

Are tech companies truly companies? How do we really know who has our information? Absolutely not. They exploit are weaknesses compromise everything we believe we are achieving. Though some people defend them saying that they protect us from ourselves.

Okay, all big companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Snapchat, and Facebook make money two main ways: controlling what we purchase and collecting our personal information to sell to other corporate businesses and sometimes even identity thieves. The internet is an extremely insecure place. Google usually tells you which sites are safe but how do you know that google isn’t being payed to say that so that site can inprint viruses in your computer to steal information from you. Think about ads, I recently purchased something from a odd site but the package turned up with what I needed (calm down, it was for school). Now on lots of the sites I go on I see ads for the company I purchased it from. How did they know?!?! This is just one personal example of them taking the information from you to make money.

Let’s address the people that think that tech companies protect us from ourselves. The average american spends about 73.8 hours on their phone every month, and approximately 2 hours and 45 mins phone everyday, That is 8% of your day! Now imagine if you spend longer on electronics than that. There would be so much damage to your eyes and it makes it more difficult to sleep. Some tech companies monitor how much time you are on and sends you warnings if it you your on technology so much that it becomes bad for you. Another way they believe that tech companies protect us is by defending our rights when it comes to law suits. For example, when Apple’s CEO Tim Cook refused to open the encrypted phone that the San Bernadino shooter used. This is also defying the law so was it right?

In conclusion, tech companies of america are corrupted and need to change how they function so that we are protected. The government should also crete and change laws so that we are more protected we have proper rights.