Hurricane Michael the Biggest Monster so Far!

Mandi Jackson a 47-year- old retired elementary school teacher, returns two days after Hurricane Michael to see the damage it has done, here is her story of nearly missing the worst of it. Hurricane Michael hit the shores of Florida hard, it started at the shore then gradually moved inland. There were waves crashing and pulling, as if you were caught in a storm on the sandy beach shore, in the middle of the street.
Now that you have had a taste of how bad the damage is, let’s get into Miss Mindi Jackson’s story. Jackson was on her way back to her house in her ford pickup truck with a 16 foot enclosed trailer dragging behind, her plan was to drive to St. George which was a four and a half hour drive, salvage whatever she could, and then finally return back to Alabama before dusk. One the way to St. George she passed several power trucks and recovery teams which seemed promising to Jackson. She wanted to check on three people and be able to make it by noon.
When she is just about there she says, “This will be our first time to see it in person. I’m sure I may finally cry for a minute, but even with this loss of home we are way better off than some others’ situation and that keeps me going!” When she got to Florida, the conditions were terrible.
There was no power, no ice, no gas, and no stores. She had to wait at least forty-five minutes to have a large tree removed from the road. Hurricane Michael did a lot of damage. To Jackson’s right, a large tree had been almost completely obliterated by the wind. To her left, it looked as if cotton bales had spontaneously combusted. All that was left standing were the wooden frames and the tile floor covered in mud.
Many of the windows shattered when the water rushed in through them, the dishwasher and sink were ripped from the wall and strewn on the floor, the cabinet doors were ripped off the cabinet and found in the other room, and even the couch was strewn about.Jackson and her husband spent the next few hours in aww astonished by all the damage and salvaging whatever they could find still in one piece and working. Jackson and her husband decided that it was time to start heading back for dusk was coming in a couple hours, her motivation to keep going was that whenever she thought of something terrible that happened to her house she would think about how other people have it way worse and that she is lucky to be in this condition.. On the ride back the whole right side lane was blocked of by trees and other debris, but finally after fifteen hours of driving they finally made it back to Alabama safe and sound. They planned to come back sometime during the week with prescription medicines, fuel, insulin, and many other things that are needed by her friends and neighbors. Finally, Michael and her husband, Frank, realized that they were lucky to be in their position with insurance and somewhere to go to while they are renovating the house.