Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher is the Best Character

Did you know Bill Cipher is 4d? Bill Cipher is a character from Gravity Falls. Bill Cipher is so special, he can actually enter people’s minds! It’s so cool! Bill Cipher is the best character in Gravity Falls for obvious reasons.

He has awesome powers. One of his powers is entering dreams. I like this because he is part of the 4 dimension and can move in and out of dreams. Bill also uses body possession which is a more powerful move. This means that he has the power to control someone’s body. This only works if somehow makes a deal with the person. Bill can also shoots lasers out of his eyes. This is very useful because it makes him very hard to attack. Telepathy is useful when Bill talks without needing to speak. This is cool because unlike Bill we have to speak when we talk. He can speak through his thoughts. Bill has extreme powers of illusions. He can create impossible 3d figures like the penrose triangle. The penrose triangle is an impossible 3d triangle that puzzles the brain. When Bill makes deals he uses Pyrokinesis to make cool blue fire. This makes him look cooler when he does serious work. People are like, wow, Bill, that looks cool! Bill Cipher also uses telekinesis to move things without touching them. This is useful to build huge structures. Bill could be able to help mankind and build space hotels and cities. Bill Cipher has the extremely powerful power of Regeneration. He can regenerate his eyeball! If some attacks his eyeball, it comes right back. Bill can customize his eye color from red, black, yellow, and white. Bill has Omnipresence which means he can be in more than one place at once. This is very useful for fighting to confuse his enemies. He can shape-shift at will. This is cool because he can look like anyone and would be chosen to help spys.

Bill is basically a triangular 4d immortal. A 4d being would be a god to us. It would see everything, and take your breakfast out of your stomach without cutting your skin. Bill is from a nightmare dimension. The dimensions are familiar to you like the first dimension is a line. The second dimension would make the line a square or triangle or circle. The 3rd dimension would make the object a cube and other shapes. These are all understanded by humans. Farther beyond the 4th dimension time would control the properties of all known matter at any given point. The superstring theory says that the 5th dimension would make people be able to see the world and the possible other worlds it could become. According to theories the 6th dimension would allow people to go and replay events and travel through time using the same starting points for example the big bang theory. The 7th dimension would allow you to travel through time at different starting points for example if it began differently than by creationism and the big bang theory. According to A universe of 10 dimensions there are 10 dimensions.

Bill even with his immortality has weakness. However these weaknesses are nothing compared to Bill. One of his weakness is listening to synthesized music. This only annoys him.
Bills weakness also is his eye being ripped out. Bill also can’t touch anything under the unicorn spell. The spell is made from mercury a lock of unicorn hair and moonstone. There is a prophecy that when people come together in the zodiac they could destroy Bill. He almost died from the zodiac. Bill has another shield weakness keeping him from escaping gravity falls. It is called the GFNLWM.Bill unfortunately died but not much after he returned. He died from the memory gun in stanley’s mind. He says gibberish as his last words. But playing it backwards says:

He did return and he escaped gravity falls natural law of weirdness.

Big question who are Bill Cipher’s parents & family? His sort-of-dad is the AXOLOTL. The AXOLOTL is a mexican walking fish. His dad could also be Alex Hirsch obviously. His mother is unknown. Bill’s home is the 2d dimension and the nightmare dimension. His wife is Debbie cipher. His kids are Armageddon, and Doomsday Cipher. He met Debbie Estach in 1900. Bill may be based of of the Hindu god SHIVA. The hindus believed in reincarnation. Bill also believes in reincarnation. Shiva was the destroyer of the world.
Bill is the best Gravity Falls character. He is obviously related in some way to a God.