Dogs Make a Better Pet

Cats and dogs are both amazing loving pets to have but in my opinion dogs make the better pets. There cat people and dog people but if you like cats this will convince to see why people like dogs better.

One reason that a dog is better is that they help you connect to other dog people. When you are walking your dog in your neighborhood there will most likely be someone else walking their dog. Once you pass by them, your dog will stop because of the other dog also walking. The owners will both stop and while their dogs are playing then the owners will have a chance to get to know each other. This can give your owner a new friend and your dog a new friend.

A dog’s sense of smell is very useful. There smell is way stronger than our smell and it’s 100 to 1000 times better than ours. Their smell can picks up invisible things. Dogs use their smell to warn their owner that their have to go to the bathroom, they do that by sniffing where they went to the bathroom last because they are train to go in the same place every time. They can sniff out danger like a fire or a disease if you have one. If another person breaks into your house and they will bark to warn you. Dogs have a exceptional sense of smell and it’s is stronger than a cats.

Also, dogs will keep you fit. Your cat will won’t normally go on a walk, your dog will. They need walks and this also encourages the owner to walk to. It is a very good form of exercise. When you have a dog, it increases your exercising time by 69%! When you take your dog on a stroll, your speed increases by 28%. Your dog is the one that leads you and they will want to play and run around and this forces you to play and run around. That is a good because that is very healthy for you.

Dogs help with getting over disease or condition. Dog owners that walk your dog have one third of the risk of chronic disease than someone who doesn’t own a dog. Another struggle that humans have that dogs help you with is asthma. When there is ash or something bad in the air someone with asthma will likely have an asthma attack. With a service do they can detect any scent of ash that will make them feel like they are out of air. The dog will warn the patient of owner that the air is being contaminated and they will have an asthma attack, then they will leave the room. This improves the owners life a lot because now they are warned when they are about to get an asthma attack. Another condition is autism. Children with autism have fewer meltdowns with a dog in their presence and studies show that their parents stress less. When the child is walking their dog then they will feel safer and act safer. They also can play a game with their dog it will make it more fun and the dog doesn’t care who wins. Dogs can also detect if your blood sugar is to high or low.

Cats are sneaky and will break things without you knowing. They are hardly ever there for you. They are out hiding or ignoring you. They will scratch up your furniture like couches and beds. When you have guests over, they will be welcomed with a scratched up couch to sit on. They will chew on any wires or something that isn’t supposed to be a toy that could possibly get hurt. When you leave a liquid on the counter then they will spill it over just after you put it there. When you leave human food around they will lick and it and it is very bad for them. You have to be careful with a cat around your house because they can things like cleaning products or any perfumes or colognes. They are allergic to those type of things.

Finally, they make life worth living. Being old is very hard and tough. After your retirement you feel like there is nothing to do. Dogs will get you up and start your day. They will have a certain feeding time which encourages you to start eating. They go out for walks and they play. They are known as a man’s best friend and will always be there to make you laugh and you could even do silly things to them and they won’t mind. That are smart and loyal and you can teach them to do fun tricks. They will always be ready to play with you. Dogs are happy to see you when you get home so you will get a nice greeting whereas a cat will be hiding somewhere and won’t coming running to you. When you look said on you had a bad day their will make your day better by playing with you and just being really cute.

When you are debating over a dog or a cat a dog is the better choice for all of these reasons. Dogs make life fun, encourage you to stay fit, help with medical conditions, let you meet new people, and are very useful.