E = MC^2

E = MC squared is the formula for energy. It stands for energy equals mass multiplied by light speed. This was created by German-born Albert Einstein. His formula stated that anything having mass contains the same amount of energy and vice versa. The C, which is light speed, is about 3(10)^8 m/s. The C variable stands for Celeritas, which is Latin for speed. In the paper by Albert Einstein, “Does the inertia, or tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged, of the body depend upon its energy content?”, he proposed the mass-energy equivalence. He was also the first to propose that this equivalence is a general principle and consequence of the symmetries of space and time.
So, how did this famous formula originate? Though Einstein let us research deeper into the mass-energy equivalence, he was not the creator. Einstein got the basis of this theory from James Clerk Maxwell and his equations.
What is energy anyways, and why does it matter? If you are reading this, you are using energy right now! The device that you are reading this on uses energy in the form of electricity. If you didn’t this energy, you couldn’t play Fortnite, or Minecraft, or Roblox, or watch YouTube. OOF! But this is just one form of energy. Others include heat, AKA thermal(the Sun), light, AKA radiant(also the Sun), motion, AKA kinetic(Wind), Electrical(computers), chemical(salt forming into crystals), nuclear(nuclear fission), gravitational(gravity).