Cats are Better than Dogs

Dogs and cats are both great pets to have. They are fun, they encourage you to exercise, they relieve stress, and make their owner happy. But when these animals are put the test, cats come out on top. Most people prefer cats too. 15 percent of people in America own cats over dogs. Most Some people’s nature makes them perfect for a dog, but overall it costs less to maintain and keep, cats need less attention, they have better hygiene, cats are more polite, and dogs cause damage to furniture.

If you are thinking about getting a pet,dogs are too expensive, cats could possibly be the right pet for you. Dogs cost, on average, 210 more dollars than cats ,not including medical bills. Your dog needs a leash, a collar, a bed/kennel, a ball/toys, and daily food and water. The medical fee for a cat only 160 dollars a year. A dog’s average medical bill per year is a total of $450. Dogs are more likely to get sick because they are more exposed to viruses from outside. Also cats and dogs usually get at least one trip to the vet for a check-up or for surgery. Cats take up less space but dog needs lots of space. Even tiny dogs need a big backyard to run around, unlike cats. Dogs also can’t have chocolate, avocados, toothpaste, onions, or garlic, grapes, and raisins. You have to make sure dogs can’t eat them or they may die or need serious surgery, which costs a lot of money.

Cats are the better choice for a family that doesn’t have a lot of time or want to have to do too much work. Dogs need to be walked daily and they have to be trained. Cats can train themselves. It is a proven fact cats are smarter than dogs. Cats have a quiet nature and they have manners, which dogs don’t have. When you go on a trip you have to kennel your dog or board it. Cats can be left home as long as someone occasionally checks on them. Puppies and even some young dogs will destroy the house when you leave. Neighbors will complain when you dog wildly howls at 12 o’clock at night or jumps up on people and runs to the door with even the quietest sound of a knock. All of the nonsense about dogs guarding your house is crazy most of the time your “intruders” are friends coming over for a visit. Cats are very alert and will make a perfect watch-pet. Cats are independent but dogs are not. When you try to work, you still have to entertain your dog, but cats are perfectly content by themselves.

Another reason why they make great pets is cats have the sense of hygiene. They don’t like to be dirty. Most cats use litter boxes, while dogs poop in your backyard. Cats also clean themselves after meals and daily because dogs can’t clean themselves they collect more dander. By licking themselves, they comb through their fur and get rid of dirt. Most dog owners only wash their dogs every month because of the work they have to contribute. If your dog doesn’t get washed dead cells cling to the fur and create an odor. Cats have the sense to wash themselves making it easier to keep them clean.

One more reason that cats are better pets than dogs is cats have manners. Dogs jump up and wag their tails wildly when a visitor comes. They constantly lick you and sniff you. Cats have a more mellow nature. When your dog barks and howls at the doorbell and phone, your cat is curled up on the couch. Sometimes dogs can get out of control. Cats love to play and are full of energy but they know when to dial back and calm down. Dogs also are impolite during dinner time. They beg for food and jump up to grab it and sometimes run away with your food. Something that a cat would never do.

Dogs also cause damages to the household. The dog might be playing in the mud and sooner or later the house is a muddy mess. Most cats stay inside and can’t track in dirt. Dogs poop and pee on the floor and your couch when they can’t get outside. Also it is very common for dogs to shed like crazy all over the floor and your chairs. Puppies chew on everything and are super wild. This is because they are very young, but cats never go through this stage. Dogs dig up carpet and chew on stuff that isn’t good for them. You have to constantly monitor them to make sure they don’t destroy your house. Dogs chew on your shoes and if they get outside they dig up your flowers and ruin your gardening. When you leave your puppy or dog home alone they can destroy your entire house.

Overall dogs take more work and energy, are healthier and cleaner, cause more damage, doesn’t have manners, and are more expensive. Cats however take barely any work and cost less than dogs. They are energetic, independent, and cuddly. They love to play but they also have the decency to be polite.They are a perfect balance between fun and polite. That is why in my opinion cats make better pets than dogs.