Who should pay for the girl with the red balloon?

Banksy is called many things, a vandal, an activist, a criminal or a street artist. Though after years of looking no one really knows anything about him, except when and where he was born. On friday October 5, 2018, at the Sotheby’s the famous piece “The girl with the red balloon” was auctioned off for $1.4 million! But right after the hammer hit the table, a remote controlled shredder was activated inside the frame holding the artwork, leaving it in pieces. The most amazing part is he or an associate had to be in the room where it happened! The proof of this is that on Banksy’s instagram account the video of the artwork shredding. And it has a caption saying “Going…going…gone.”After the incident the half shredded piece of work is hanging in Sotheby’s art museum with the new name “Love is in the bin”.
The auctioneer comments “We’ve been Banksy-ed.”, now that the picture has been bought, it is the Buyer’s property. This Buyer’s name has remained unknown but she tells CBS news that “…I was at first shocked, but gradually I began to realize that I would end up with my own piece of art history.”. This all brings up the question, who pays for the girl with the red balloon? Technically the buyer did not get what she bought, and if they ask for her to still pay she can sue the Sotheby’s for the money and say that she didn’t get what she payed for.
Though others might not agree, I believe that buyer should pay for it. In the quote she did not seem too upset even though there are laws put in place so that the Buyer can choose whether they pay for the art or not I think she should keep it because she honestly could sell the new destroyed work for double the amount that she payed for it in the first place. I am aware that she most likely would not sell the artwork, and keep it as a family heirloom. There are numerous other opinions, but to go on with this whole plan that was created and 2006, I think banksy is witty, really talented, passionate about what he does.
P.S. After the research I originally did, I found out that Banksy has revealed that the destruction did not go according to the plan! Though, even after all the commotion the buyer bought the new art work anyway. This confirms my belief that the buyer should and would pay for it. Banksy wrote on a new found video that “It worked every time in rehearsals.” but as you can see in the video th painting, it only shredded about ¾ of the painting and left the balloon intact.
UPDATE: Art evermerts from multiple different art collages believes that a shredded piece of art will actually bring it up in value. They believe that this piece of art may now be worth 50% more! I guess banksy’s plan has backfired!

To seethe video from Banksy and how the shredding happened click this link:
To see the video of the artwork self destructing click link: